I can protect you

Whether its Hail, Wind or Fire I WILL BE THERE.  Well, maybe not fire… but pretty much anything else gimmie a call on my iPhone!


  • Life&Limb

    A windstorm struck the area and branches are everywhere!  Cleanup is always a problem but the damage caused can be more troublesome.  Can the Protectionist use his powers to move massive branches like some kind of large beaver all hopped up on Mt Dew? All you need to do is call your agent.  Windstorm is one of the basic perils on your homeowners policy.  An Indie-agent can make sure your claim is processed quickly and the damage is repaired.
  • mis-app

    Fender Benders will ruin your day.  Take these two drivers for instance.  Tempers are running high, can the Protectionist save the day with his custom app? Fortunately they wont have to rely on an app or a superhero if they carry insurance with a good indie-agent.  Questions can be answered and a claim can be filed with a phone call.
  • Hail Mary

    Mary is in trouble.  Hail is coming down hard and her car is taking the brunt of the damaging forces.  Can the Protectionist save her vehicle from malicious hail? Fortunately Mary carries auto insurance with Comprehensive coverage.  Among other things this coverage will allow her to repair the damage from Wind and hail.  Comprehensive coverage also protects her in the case of theft or vandalism.  If a building collapses on her vehicle or she strikes an animal while driving she will be protected.

The Buzz

The protectionist is humble which is why I only speak about myself in the third-person when i'm writing about myself... on this website.... im confused. #confused #hashtag

Real Protection is better

Slogans, Spokesmen and Superheros are nice but Indie-Agents provide real protection from Multiple insurance companies. They work for you so in a way they are your hometown superhero.

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