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Swiftrate Connect Features

We scratched our own itch with Swiftrate Connect. We use it in our agency and now you can join a community of independent agents in selling online.

Simplified Web App

Our technology is built to scream.  We adopt a less is more attitude.  Your clients expect you to be agile so we created an agile app.  You wont have to wade through massive menus and strange hierarchies to get the job done.

Local + 50

Local is no longer main street.  The internet has redefined what local means.  Our technology targets your community plus fifty miles in order to spread your brand in an effective manner.

Adaptive Lead Technology

Your prospects are not clones.  They are different people with different expectations.  Our technology adapts to your prospects habits and optimized their buying experience accordingly.

The Community

Search our online community of agents in order to network.  Share leads and ideas.  The only way we compete against direct insurance companies is by working together.  Our Interface was designed to be social first.

Communicate better

Your clients have moved on from fax and email.  They communicate through their smartphones and on social platforms…your sales technology should do the same.

Advanced Marketing

You wont always score a homerun on the first attempt.  Swiftrate Connect uses the latest remarketing technology to continually engage your prospect.  Eventually they will be ready to buy.


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