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A single traffic accident could very well devastate your finances if you don’t have the proper liability protection.  We have all passed that accident on the side of the road and tightened our seat belt.  It could happen at any time and that is why you purchase car insurance through a trusted indie-agent.

Indie-agents handle the diverse concerns of drivers all the time.   If you would like assistance selecting the proper deductible for your situation or determining what bodily injury or property damage liability is right for you find an indie-agent today our start a quote now.

The internet is great at allowing us to compare prices on many things. Car Insurance is fast becoming one of those online goods. When you’re out there searching for Auto insurance online you will notice different wording for coverages as well as different coverage options. This is because car insurance is not a one size fits all proposition.

An independent indie-agent can help you by coupling that fast accurate quote with car insurance coverage that suits your exact needs. Indie-agents partner with multiple insurance carriers to give you a fair rate on your personal auto insurance coverage. Your local indie-agent understands the factors that make up a car insurance policy and can help you save in the right places.  Putting all of your Auto insurance options in front of you can be a powerful experience and will arm you with the peace of mind you need to make your decision.

A local indie-agent represents several insurance carriers so that you wont be stuck if rates get out of line.  Independent agents also know their insurance options inside and out which will come in handy if you should have a unique risk in your household.  Using a number of factors such as driver ages and vehicle types one insurance carrier may rate better than another for no other reason than they want you as a client.  Car Insurance carriers are also trying to set themselves apart by offering unique discounts you may not know to look for.  An indie-agent has these discounts in mind when they place you.
Car insurance liability requirements vary by state for both bodily injury and property damage liability. If you are at fault for an accident, liability coverage pays those costs, up to the limits set for your policy.  You may also want to purchase collision coverage to protect your vehicle.  Comprehensive coverage is one of the least talked about auto insurance options.  States do not require physical damage like comprehensive and collision but it is helpful
As we said above there are many factors that go into buying car insurance protection online or offline. There is some pretty impressive technology that gives you insurance rates out there but it doesn’t have the skill of an experienced indie-agent. Some of these sites were built by people with little or no insurance knowledge at all.

Many people look for instant online insurance only to be frustrated by the lack of explanation when it comes to car insurance coverages. That being said, if you are looking for a no-frills basic car insurance policy with minimum coverage you may be just fine.
An independent indie-agent can review your current car insurance policy and identify coverage gaps as well as explain the coverages you already have.

You can get started by quoting your car insurance or you can find an indie-agent in our network to help you find the plan that best fits your needs and budget.  When you need to compare quotes and insurance options your local indie-agent is able to place the coverage and will be available to you if you have questions or concerns.  With an indie-agent auto insurance shopping will be a little less hectic.

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Find the best prices on car insurance